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The KnowThyFace site is the mind child of two individuals, coupled with a dozen dedicated developers and programmers in India and the United States. Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai and Dr. Neil Buckley come from varied backgrounds, yet have similar interests in medicine, both modern and ancient. Shiva was born in Bombay, India and Neil in Boston, Massachusetts. Both draw on their extensive medical training and studies, plus the highest levels of programming to bring the customer a rare glimpse of the ancient art of facial analysis, a near lost art of huge importance, an art anchored in observation and intuition over thousands of years, combined with a slight modern face lift. Facial analysis is a non-intrusive approach for revealing a person's physical and emotional well being, whereby enabling individuals of any cultural background and of varied interest to improve their skills of self analysis. We at acknowledge the enormous contribution of our ancestors in the field of science and the healing arts. The credit rests with the many (beyond imagination) that pioneered facial reading over the generations, most certainly the Indo-Asia culture.